The local party does not have a history of campaigning, but is beginning to campaign on the following issues. If you have an interest or are able to provide support / expert knowledge please contact the Campaigns Manager – Claire Allen.


Target to Win Wards

The currently selected Target to Win Ward is the Garden Quarter in Chester, but we are looking to increase this in line with our funding aspirations. If you feel you can help in the Garden Quarter with caseload, leafletting or canvassing, please contact Catherine Green.


Climate Change

We are currently arranging a debate on this topic, watch this space



Members of the local Green Party recently attended a peaceful anti-fracking demonstation outside Helsby Hillside school. 



Not yet started, if you feel you can assist in driving this forward, please let Claire know (as above)


News and events on any of the above can be found in our monthly newsletter, please sign (right hand side of page) up as a supporter if you would like to hear more.